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The world has changed and business relationships are being stretched, both businesses and employees are being forced to adapt fast. Our novel virtual method allows you to associate your brand with a respected voice in the industry. A unique platform providing an opportunity to generate leads, launch products, demonstrate thought leadership and provide valuable insight and training to the Storage & Solar sector. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or a partner, please contact us.

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Clean Horizon Consulting (Clean Horizon) is a consultancy specifically dedicated to energy storage. It offers technical consulting on energy storage sizing analysis, grid-level impact studies and the CRE-STORE energy storage modelling tool. Also, it helps to optimize the energy storage investments.

Clean Horizon acts as owner’s engineer and lender’s engineer for IPPs worldwide. It also works with national utilities to help quantify energy storage plans. Clean Horizon’s experts track the development of energy storage markets and related regulations in all continents and leverage this knowledge to develop go-to-market strategies tailored to their customers’ needs. Clean Horizon is a one-stop shop for energy storage sizing and grid impact analyses, as well as off -the shelf studies, subscriptions and customized studies on energy storage markets.



The European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE) is the leading member-supported association representing organisations active across the entire energy storage value chain.  EASE supports the deployment of energy storage to support the cost-effective transition to a resilient, low-carbon, and secure energy system.

EASE was established in 2011 and currently represents utilities, technology suppliers, research institutes, distribution system operators, and transmission system operators. Together, EASE members have significant expertise across all major storage technologies and applications. This allows us to generate new ideas and policy recommendations that are essential to build a regulatory framework that is supportive of storage.


Reporting and analysis for a global industry audience on the technologies vital to enable a clean and renewable energy-powered future. Energy-Storage.news offers a full news service along with in-depth analysis on important topics and industry developments, covering notable projects, business models, policies and regulations, technical innovations and more. The website, from the makers of PV Tech, is an essential tool for anyone within the energy storage value chain.

Read more at: Energy-Storage.news