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Following 5 years of success with our Energy Storage Summit in London, Solar Media is now organising its first Energy Storage Digital Series with a simple aim: to continue discussions on the most crucial energy storage topics while continuing to promote worldwide renewable energy development — from the comfort and safety of your computer.  

Register to join our online panels and presentations on topics including; revenue stacking, developing safety standards, new battery technologies, life cycle analysis and recycling, the battery storage merchant model, developing storage in urban environments, and non-lithium case studies – among others

Key Topics For The Week:

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The energy sector has seen a huge uptake in the deployment of energy storage systems internationally, driven by the new era of intermittent renewables on the grid and drive toward net-zero. The vast majority of these systems are powered by lithium-ion technology, due to low-cost, ease of mining and abundant resources.

However, as with any popular trend, lithium also brings some problems.

There is certainly a case to explore other hopefuls in the market, taking into account the different benefits they can offer as well as helping to push urgency.

The start of a new clean energy decade has brought advancements in manufacturing, logistics, and technologies – most of which are now powered by lithium-ion. With installed capacity growing exponentially for the past two years, lithium ion storage systems will continue spreading to all corners of the grid, from stationary systems to EV batteries.

As cities become fitted an exponential number of battery systems, how can asset owners, developers, policymakers, investors, and manufacturers guarantee the safety of their communities, employees, and investments?

According to The World Energy Council, energy storage will continue to grow exponentially as it has for the past 2 years as prices continue to drop and the industry is bolstered by supportive governmental policies worldwide.

To effectively capitalize on this exponential growth our making money from storage stream encapsulates the most urgent opportunities and hurdles facing US energy storage investment.




We understand that you have been looking forward to meeting your customers and prospects face to face, to create long lasting and trusted business relationships.

Novel virtual methods are now needed to meet your business objectives and we are here to help!

We are bringing people together and sharing great content because after coronavirus we still have to contend with climate change and the energy transition.

The world has changed and business relationships are being stretched, both businesses and employees are being forced to adapt fast.

Our novel virtual method allows you to associate your brand with a respected voice in the industry.

A unique platform providing an opportunity to generate leads, launch products, demonstrate thought leadership and provide valuable insight and training to the Storage & Solar sector.

Leadership and knowledge sharing are vital now as companies adapt to the new normal.

Solar Media provides an invaluable platform for businesses to come together, share best practice and continue to provide power around the world.

If you would like to speak at our Digital Series, suggest a speaker or a case study that might be of interest, please get in contact with us.