11 - 15 May 2020

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Please note that all agenda times are in BST unless otherwise stated.

 - 11:00 BST
Beyond Lithium-Ion
Panel Discussion
Predicting the Tech of the Future
This session will discuss the future scenarios for storage technologies, and predicted system needs in the near to long-term.
  • Is there a case for hybridization or co-location? Where do EVs and second-life batteries come in? 
  • Hybrid energy storage systems for grid-scale applications (HESS) – potential for value stacking, HESS offer avenues for cost reduction, sharing grid connections
  • What do experts think the system needs will be in the next 3-5 years?
  • Which of the technologies covered has the most potential for solving these needs?
Corentin Baschet
, Head of Market Analysis
, Clean Horizon Consulting
Jim Stover
, Chief Marketing Officer
, VRB Energy
Dr. Billy Wu
, Senior Lecturer - Energy Technologies & Systems
, Imperial College London
Matt Allen
, Pivot Power
 - 13:30 BST
Making Money from Battery Storage
The Future is Arbitrage: A Deep Dive into the Merchant Model
  • Brief intro to Habitat Energy and the work they are now doing in Australian market
  • What is the arbitrage business model? Trading in wholesale markets and the BM, challenges and role of algorithmic trading
  • Capex and opex outlook
  • Market outlook and prices: day-ahead market & intra-day market
  • Seeking partnerships
  • How to make the investment case work – optimal duration, degradation, warranty
Ben Irons
, Co-Founder
, Habitat Energy
 - 16:00 BST
The Value of Safe Energy Storage Systems
Timeline to Building a Safe Storage Project
Best practices and policies to ensure safety and bankability of an energy storage project. What standards need to be considered at each stage of development?
  • Differences between US and international projects
  • Solar + Storage behind the meter: permitting, interconnection, and construction
  • De-risking project financing : development stage to long-term operations 
  • Raising additional project financing for developers
  • Contracts: safety clauses from development to decommissioning 
Erik Stokes
, Branch Chief
, California Energy Commission
Dirk van Ouwerkerk
, Senior VP of Storage Development
, Soltage, LLC
Brian Schmidly
, Founder
, Geostrategies, LLC
Holly Christie
, General Counsel
, Hecate Energy